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Since 2019, Coalition Alpha has led the world of Cycling Esports. Then, in 2021, the Coalition community was born. In the short space of a few years, the community grew rapidly to quickly become the 3rd biggest racing community in the world. The community is made up of passionate cyclists who are keen to improve their performances and racing skills both on and offline. However, our ability to support them in their endeavours has been limited… until now.

Coalition Coaching offers members of the community (and beyond) the opportunity to learn from the very best. Coalition Alpha men’s captain Lionel Vujasin brings with him a wealth of experience racing at the very top of the sport. If anyone knows how to consistently perform at their very best, it is him. Our goal is to take everything we have learnt and make it available for everyone else – whether you are a CAT A or a CAT D, we can help you reach your goals.

Whether your goals are online in winter or on the road on the summer, we know exactly how to balance your training so that you can always peak at the right time. There are few others who truly understand this relationship.

We know Eracing like nobody else

We offer something that nobody else can: our team is the most successful elite eracing team on the planet and Coalition Alpha was the first semi-professional eracing team ever. We bring a wealth of experience and know exactly how to train to compete at the highest level. That experience is applicable to whatever your level, and we know how to balance your training so that it matches your goals. We can help you become a better eracer, get more from your indoor training, get faster on the road, or smash your next sportive.

Pricing options to suit your needs

Below you can find an overview of our four coaching tiers. We know that not everyone has had a coach before, and you might not even be sure if it is right for you. This is why we wanted to include a basic and an introductory offer that is suitable for everyone.


We also offer discounts for those who want to pay quarterly or bi-annually. Please speak to a member of the team if you are interested.

In addition to the above, we also offer:

  • One-off 6-month training plan for 500 €
  • Additional 1-hour coaching calls for 60 €
  • Team Package: This covers the whole team for a 6-week period during a series such as the ZRL. Includes pre-race briefing, tactical suggestions, in-race DSing and post-race analysis. Contact for pricing.


At the moment, our coaching services are reserved for members of the Coalition community. However, we may offer our services to other individuals in the future.

Get in contact

If you are already a member of the Coalition community, then simply head on over to the #coalition-coaching channel in the server where you will find a sign-up link.