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Coalition Racing is a mountain bike race team in, Portland, OR, of professional and amateur riders. We represent our sponsors in the emerging discipline of Enduro racing with a focus on developing talented up-and-coming racers.


We are looking for a creative action sports videographer  to join our team. This is an exciting opportunity to gain hands on experience working with a professional team in the cycling industry. The atmosphere within the team is fun and casual while remaining fast paced and professional.  You will work closely with the team manager and riders while at races, on promotional shoots, and to brainstorm creative projects. Your work will gain direct exposure to some of the leading companies in the industry and to the greater mountain biking culture.


  • Creating online viral action videos, documentary style videos, behind the scene videos, time-lapse videos, animations, product videos, and other cool viral ideas for the purpose of promoting the team and its sponsors
  • Shooting, editing, and brainstorming creative ideas for videos
  • Shooting on location (often in remote natural environments)
  • Shooting footage of events and trail work parties the team attends to create viral online videos


  • Enrolled in college, a degree in a related field, or an equivalent level of experience (basically, you must know how to shoot, edit, and produce video content)
  • Proficiency with contemporary video editing software
  • Ability to edit and shoot video (a plus if you can also do motion graphics and photography)
  • Strong visual skills and a modern style of shooting and editing
  • Must be physically fit enough to hike/ride around the race course all day while hauling equipment
  • Demonstrate an ability to be on time and prepared for the day’s duties
  • Ability to be proactive during shoots, show initiative in creating content, and adhere to deadlines
  • A love for action sports (a plus if you’re a mountain biker)


  • You will gain real world experience in conceptualizing, producing, and editing content for an actual client
  • Your work will be directly seen by sales and marketing directors from some of the biggest names in the cycling industry
  • Possible opportunity for our sponsors to hire you to produce media specifically for their products (it has happened in the past)
  • As a Coalition team member you are eligible to take advantage of all the discounts and advantages our sponsors provide us
  • You will have a lot of creative control over your work, flexible hours, and get to collaborate with a small group of dedicated and passionate people.


  • You must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid passport
  • Location: Coalition Racing is based out of Portland, OR. Most races are in Oregon and Washington with 2 important races in Colorado and Whistler, B.C. (it would be a plus if you were located in or near Portland)
  • Applicants must have their own video equipment and camping equipment (yes, we camp at the races)
  • Must have reliable transportation (there will often be carpooling opportunities to get to the races and shoots)
  • Time requirements: There is no office space provided and lot of work will be done on your own.  Applicants must be flexible enough to attend most race weekends while finishing edits on their own time
  • Compensation: We are a race team and do not make any money from our sponsors. For the most part we are offered big discounts from our sponsors, but still have to buy our own gear. This is an UNPAID position with team member benefits.


     If you think you have what it takes for this position, then we would love to speak with you.  Download the application and follow the directions to submit.

Download the application here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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